Wash Jones

I was talking to an oak tree
When the cypress butted in.
Out of car ...

Jolly Comes Home


She's screaming into his collar
Beat ...

Separate Beds


Tonight i take her from her parents
I cam ...

Nothin' Hurts

Nothing hurts you like the pain
From someone you love
There ain ...

City Streets

Spice muthafuckin one
Coolin in cali
Kickin that ...

Happy Man

If i had
If i had more
More would be laid at your feet


Night Shift

[verse 1: spm]
Now spread the word
I got them bricks on the dead en ...

Cheetah sisters

there's a time when we all choose
to either quit
or follow thr ...

You Never Can Tell

It was a teenage wedding, and the old folks wished them well
You could se ...

Thinking About Tomorrow - Beth Orton

Tired but I ain't sleeping
Thinking about some sad affair
And ...

Club Limbo

Before this evening draws to a close
And you go home to homework.
B ...

Love's A Four Letter Word


(one of a hundred...)
I wonder if she ...


(female singing to eurythmics "here comes the rain")
Here comes ...

510, 213

5-1-0 and 2-1-3 is you a baller or a g?

Spice 1 intro: ...


(you must be crazy)

[ verse 1 ]
One day, let's j ...

Follow My Lead

[first verse]
Well baby beesh, that's my handle, money mackin' ...

I heard someone crying

I heard someone crying
Who tho' cou ...

Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks

Just like the white winged dove...
sings a song ...
Sounds like she ...

Christmas is all around - Billy Mack

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Christmas is all aroun ...