Hard Workin' Man

(ronnie dunn)

I'm a hard workin' man
I wear a steel hard hat
I can ride, rope, hammer and paint
Do things with my hands that most men can't
I can't get ahead no matter how hard i try
I'm gettin' really good at barely gettin' by

Got everything i own
By the sweat of my brow
From my four-wheel drive to my cowboy boots
I owe it all to my blue collar roots
I feel like i'm workin' overtime on a runaway train
I've got to bust loose from this ball and chain

I'm a hard, hard workin man
I got it all on the line
For a peace of the promised land
I'm burnin' my candle at both ends
'bout the only way to keep the fire goin'
Is to outrun the wind

Come friday night
I like to party hard
I carry on with the cadillac cuties
Spend my whole week's pay on some weekend beauty
Come monday mornin' i'm the first to arrive
I ain't nothin' but business from nine till five

(repeat chorus)

I can't wait to get up in the mornin'
And do it all over again
Well i'm a hard livin', hard workin' man

Hard Workin' Man

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